For authors

The papers submitted to Scientific Issues of Jan Długosz University in Częstochowa, Mathematics should be written in English according to the LateX template (SI-JDU-Author-Template.tex).

A diskette or CD with the source TEX-file (pdf-file is desirable) of the paper and the hard-copy should be submitted. Figure should be made as .ps or .eps files

Please contact us if you are unsure about the guidelines or want to discuss any exceptions:

A paper submitted to Scientific Issues of Jan Długosz University in Częstochowa is first considered by the Editorial Board. If the subject of a paper is not consistent with the journal profile or the text of a paper contains distinct defects, a paper can be rejected.

After preliminary acceptation of a paper by the Editorial Board a paper is sent to reviewers. The choice of reviewers is confidential. The reviewers are „external” and testify that there is no conflict of interests.
A list of reviewers is published in an Issue appearing each year.

A review evaluates a paper and indicates unambiguously whether or not a paper can be published.

After positive review, an author (authors) corrects a paper according to suggestions of reviewers and submits to the Journal the final version of a paper. The Editorial Board reserves the right for making small corrections in the text of the final version of a paper.

The primary version of the Journal is the printed version.

To eliminate „ghostwriting” and „guest autorship” the Editorial Board demands to indicate a contribution of each of the authors in preparing a publication.

The Editorial Board documents all the cases of violation of scientific ethics and informs the corresponding institutions about such situations.

If a paper is financed by some associations or other institutions, the indication of the source of finance is expected.

Submission of a paper for publication in Scientifc Issues of Jan Długosz University in Częstochowa implies the acceptance of the following requirements.
A person submitting a paper is responsible for its contents.
The Journal publishes only new and original research.
Papers are published in paper and electronic versions.
Publication in the Journal foresees no author’s emoluments.